TS Withdrawal Months 4-6

A Skin Blizzard

A Skin Blizzard

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Flaking, shedding, peeling oh my!  So like last night I awoke in an itching fit of rage and then the ooze started. I didn’t feel like getting up to get something to dry it up so I laid right there in my bed and fell back asleep.  I woke up this morning only to find out that I shed the most skin I ever shed before from my face.  This is surprisingly NOT disgusting.  It’s just skin people, but still, great googly moogly! It looked like a fresh new snow fall or shall I say, skin fall.  It was all piled up in one spot. Then I decided to play with my face and allowed even more to pile right on top.  All I had to do was touch, swipe and peel it a little.

Even though it is a bit daunting, I had to laugh at myself and I even took a picture for you. It’s over there <==== to the left. There is even a big fat piece that came off of my chin area. If you look close it’s smiling at you and I think it has antlers. 😀

Oh yes, I took a shower and moisturized after this episode. I wonder what my skin will do tonight.  Only my fellow “red skinned warriors” will completely understand what I am going through. Side note: If you are one of them reading this post, I hope you already have your handheld vacuum cleaner sitting right there in the corner of your bedroom.  Bed bugs would have a field day with this stuff.

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