TS Withdrawal Months 4-6

When it Rains It Snows

When it Rains It Snows

Okay, so I have not written about my experience in a while.  I just haven’t felt up to it.  I am in my 6th month now and have just endured a major flare, plus now my neck wants to really start acting up and my face is still a hot mess.  Besides it being tight, dry and oozy it hurts!  My hands and arms  are getting a little bit better and when I say a little bit I mean just that.  My legs are getting better too, not so bruised up looking and itchy.  The chills are not coming on as frequently as they were but STILL, these dog on flares! Some have left me bedridden to the point where I cannot do much of anything. For the first time though last month I went a whole 6 days without a flare! Whoo Hoo.

I still visit the forum on ITSAN.ORG for support, to chime in on topics and see how everybody else is doing which is kind of therapeutic for me, but I am SO incredibly mad that it will take so long to actually heal from this.  We SHOULD get compensation for our pain and suffering.  Any Lawyers out there? Because unfortunately from what I’ve been told, because the condition is reversible, we can’t sue!?  I could see if it only took like 3 months to heal but it takes 7 months to 7 years to!!

As far as work is concerned, it has been a nightmare to have to sit there in pain getting all itchy and burning.  Some days it’s okay and some days it’s NOT.  I have contemplated on taking medical leave but with the company I work for you can only take FMLA which is not paid and that only gives me 3 months off from work and they bill you each month for your medical benefit.  I have Short Term disability coverage through AFLAC but I am trying hard to sustain and take care of myself so I can continue to work.  I guess I am a pretty strong person because it takes one to deal with this and not even want to step outside the house.

The one thing I do hate though when leaving the house to go to work or elsewhere are the stares I get.  I just wish people would ASK ME what is wrong with my skin and WHY I am wearing rubber gloves or cotton gloves.  I would tell them straight up what’s wrong.  I think though one of the worse things suffering from this condition is not being able to do as much as I would like to do physically and socially.  Again I ask, are there any Lawyers out there?




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