TS Withdrawal Months 7-9

Moisturizer Withdrawal

Moisturizer Withdrawal

Yes, I am trying to withdraw from moisturizing because from what I know and have read, the skin seems to heal better.  I am not saying that this is true for everyone suffering from this but I feel it might be.  I was able to do it successfully from the upper chest down, including my arms and the skin looks a lot stronger.  I am still incredibly itchy though.  I have not been able to stop using moisturizer on my neck and face though because I am still working and I need to right now.  I just cannot see myself going out of the house having to be in front of people in my condition, looking worse than I already do.  The only thing I can use on my face and neck right now is Petroleum Jelly but I am going to switch from that to Jojoba Oil soon, since the Petroleum Jelly is starting to disagree with my skin.

I did not feel like posting pictures today so please forgive me. I am in my 7th month of TSW now and although I am better than I was when I first started the withdraw 6 months ago, I am by no means healed.  In fact, the TSW became worse on my face, upper chest and neck last month. My neck is like extra itchy and oozy every evening now and I then wake up in the morning having to shower and exfoliate the extra skin that grows and flakes off of those parts, in order to slather on the Petroleum Jelly and get ready for the day.

Some of the people I work with have been very supportive and nice to me which I appreciate very much and my supervisor and team leader have been supportive as well.  The rest of them that talk about me during the day because of the way I look and smell and in the afternoon when I my skin starts breakthrough peeling? Well, they can go kick rocks.

I have to say though that my attitude towards this condition has gotten a bit better. I have had some crazy changing emotions over it though because it has really ruined some parts of my life as a whole.  I am limited to what I can do and it’s nerve racking.  I just want to look normal again.


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