TS Withdrawal Months 7-9

Minimizing My Topical Steroid Withdrawal Symptoms

Minimizing My Topical Steroid Withdrawal Symptoms

Since July of 2013 I have bee suffering from a plethora of symptoms stemming from stopping (cold turkey) the use of topical steroid creams and ointments prescribed by Dermatologist after Dermatologist throughout the years.  Now realizing that my true eczema most likely burnt out  during my teenage years (ie, the beautiful brown skin I had) and how when I got a little rash in my early 20’s I should have just supplemented or just put some shea butter on it and let it burn out again, it was now high time I figure out a way to minimize my withdrawal symptoms.

I honestly thought that I would have to just continue bearing the brunt of these horrible symptoms until I was all healed up.  Last month I even got a NEW symptom! NERVE PAIN w/prickly needle-like feelings which made my itchiness even worse.  I was like, enough is enough! It’s bad enough that I now look like a shriveled up gremlin but did I have to continue with this outrageous suffering on top of everything else? I mean COME ON!

I have tried so many things to be as comfortable as possible and supplementation has been the ONLY thing that has worked for me so far.  One of the kind ladies in the ITSAN group who is also a Nurse let us all in on something that she has been researching.  Here is part of the letter she wrote to the NEA (National Eczema Association) regarding what she understands may be a problem for us sufferers:

“I expressed my theory that those suffering with topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) have something wrong within the DNA or the RNA of the skin cells. He ended up testing me for what is called the MTHFR gene mutation. The MTHFR gene is responsible for many things, but it basically balances the homocysteine levels in the body and helps turn specific B vitamins into their active forms. When there is a mutation in this gene, any number of disease processes can occur in the body. The end result is that the body cannot process certain B vitamins and therefore glutathione cannot be produced at a normal level. And homocyteine levels rise causing widespread inflammat ion. The glutathione is responsible for cellular repair and cleansing. If not enough is produced, the cells cannot eliminate toxins properly and repair themselves. I believe this is what people with TSW are experiencing.” 

Her name is Tracy Scarpulla and you can also visit her blog here: www.stoppingtopicalsteroids.blogspot.com

Now while I have not been tested yet to see if I might have the MTHFR gene mutation I most certainly have started taking the supplements she has recommended to help minimize my symptoms and guess what?! They are working!! It took a little over a week for it all to kick in BUT THEY ARE WORKING!!!

Here are the supplements I am taking due to her recommendations:

1. MSM

2. Liposomal Glutathione

3. Active B-12 w/L-5 MTHF

4. NAC

Here is the extra supplement I decided to add in:

5. Wheat Grass Juice

6. Vitamin C

Here is what I use on my skin now:

7. Jojoba Oil for my Skin

8. Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash

My skin feels better, not as tight and dry and it’s also softer.  Overall I feel better as well. We don’t know yet if healing will be quicker but DO know that these supplements will help take the edge off of the symptoms, period, space,  space!  Thanks goodness!  I purchased everything I needed from Amazon and I suggest you do the same:


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