TS Withdrawal Months 7-9

8th Month Update

Well….as of the 15th of this month I am officially in my 8th month of Topical Steroid Withdrawal. Yay me! I cannot believe I actually made it this far without losing my mind!

I physically feel okay right now, as of this writing but that changes from day to day. I am getting real tired of being awoken at night with an itching fit although my sleep pattern is better overall.  My feet and right above my ankles, my butt, my genitalia, my mid to lower back, right above my armpits (both sides), a few of my fingers and parts of my wrists have surprisingly been totally free of Topical Steroid Withdrawal and the awful Red Skin Syndrome that comes along with it.

My scalp has only been affected around my entire hairline which is weird because the rest of it is fine and I am losing a lot less hair thank goodness! I see so many pictures of people who suffer from the top of their heads all the way down to their toes and thought mine would follow suit, but the areas I mentioned are just as clear and normal.

The last big flare I had ended at the very beginning of this month followed by a few mini ones, mainly itching fits followed by the chills along with oozing.  Most of the ooze comes from my neck and right ear.  It seems like every single time I get an itching fit the chills come directly after that.  Strange but true.

My upper chest, shoulders, neck, face and ears are giving me the most trouble now with itching, burning and the awful shocks, pins and needle feeling from the nerve pain.   I only take Advil for the pain as it works well taking the edge off.

I still cannot believe that I have been working during this whole process.  I did miss a lot of days in the beginning of all this though and had to get a verbal warning for that.  At least my job performance is up to par.  I also decided to bring in some extra income on the side in my spare time.  If you look over to your right you will see an ad.  If you know how to copy-n-paste, you can do it to.  It is especially great for those of you who cannot work due to your medical condition, but need the extra income.  Be sure to check it out and fill out the form for more information. It’s also a perfect fit for stay at home Moms and Dads.

My original skin color is trying to creep through on the parts of my skin that have really been affected by the Topical Steroid Withdrawal which to me is a great sign!  My upper chest though, feels like I have dried grits stuck to it.  My face is still a hot mess, my neck is all hemmed up but actually feeling better, my ears (moreso the right one) KEEPS shedding like it has no kind of common sense. The scary thing about all of this is that I actually enjoy picking/peeling the skin off.

JOJOBA OIL IS WORKING WONDERS FOR MY SKIN – I LOVE THIS STUFF!  I only use it on my upper chest, neck, face, ears and scalp.  My flares also affect these areas the most now.  Since I have gone moisturizer free on the rest of my body, the skin has been doing just fine. Except for some rough itchy areas and discoloration, the rest of it is nice and smooth.  My hands are also doing much better as well but are still discolored and wrinkly, except for the good fingers.

I still cannot believe the body has to go through such a long horrendous process while a person is healing from this mess. If I hadn’t found ITSAN.org I don’t know where I would be right now.  Perhaps I would be in a hospital ward because it is also very mentally challenging and draining.

I am told that I will most likely get another big flare in month 9.  I think I have suffered enough BUT if I have to continue to suffer even more before it’s all over with, so be it.  Pray for me. Each day that passes is only another day closer to healing and I AM healing!

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