TS Withdrawal Months 10-12

The FDA Recommended Black Box Warnings on All Topical Steroids Back in 2001

fda-logoThe FDA Recommended Black Box Warnings on All Topical Steroids in 2001

Were they listened to? NO! WHY NOT???

This excerpt from the report is very disturbing!

“Sometimes topical corticosteroids were continued despite the failure of the treatment. The reports do not explain why the topical corticosteroids were continued when they were not effective. In twelve of the cases in the series, topical corticosteroids were continued for longer than 4 weeks even though the dermatoses did not improve. In one case the topical corticosteroid was continued for one year despite “lack of effect.””


“We recommend that the systemic adverse events in the AERS database be included in the labeling for these products. Additionally, the labeling of each product should advise practitioners of the appropriate duration of use of the product. The labeling should give information regarding how quickly improvement in dermatoses should occur after therapy with a topical corticosteroid is started, and practitioners should be advised to discontinue the product if improvement does not occur within this timeframe.”


Big Pharma, somebody needs to pay for the damage done! What say YOU?

Please, Dermatologists! If your patients’ skin has stopped responding to the meds you are prescribing and their skin only keeps getting worse and worse AND spreading, PLEASE so not prescribe stronger meds. You are unknowingly only helping make matters worse as those patients are most likely now suffering from steroid induced eczema, not real eczema. You can still keep your patients by supporting them, comforting them and helping them through it. Many supportive Dermatologists who understand this condition prescribe sleeping aids, anti-itch meds, non steroidal creams and other treatments to help their patients during this time. And remember, it’s NOT your fault!


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