TS Withdrawal Months 16 +

Feeling Sensitive About My Skin

Picture how I feel....
Picture how I feel….

Feeling  Sensitive About My Skin! Yes folks, that I am indeed!

I am still in my month 20 flare and was hoping it would be just a few more days before it eased up.  I am 3 months into this one now and to top it all off, it is snowing outside, yet it is the FIRST day of spring!  I’m telling you, winter and TSW do not mix at all.  This winter has been incredibly difficult.  It would have been much better if I had not flared up like I did, I’m sure but wow!

I know I crack a lot of jokes when it comes to looking like I do now and I’ve been thinking about Lot’s wife and how she turned into a pillar of salt because of her disobedience.  Now while I don’t taste like salt (yes I licked my arm out of curiosity), my skin most certainly is salty looking when dry.  This is also a strange stage because during my last major flare my skin wasn’t as temperamental.  This time around I have noticed that the skin feels like little shards coming up, I mean the skin is harder than before, especially around my upper chest, neck and shoulders.  At night it seems to turn over quicker and I get an itchy fit where if I rub instead of scratch, it basically rolls off and I have also been perspiring more heavily at night than during the day time.  It’s SO uncomfortable.  I might have to sleep for a while sitting up against some pillows because laying down seems to exasperate the problem.

I have also noticed that while showering, when I use my Dead Sea Salt soap with Shea Butter in it, my skin comes off much more easily than before.  It’s like rubbing dirt off….. a lot of dirt. It’s kind of fascinating I guess and the new skin underneath, once again is so soft! I just want it to stay that way, like the next time I take a shower, I will just be cleaning myself from head to toe and that will then be the end of the battle and that I will be healed! I know, wishful thinking but I am deeply in need of a miracle.  Another thing I noticed too was that after my shower yesterday, even though I was in a tremendous amount of pain and burning, I used Shea Butter as a moisturizer.  I hadn’t been able to use that for a while but this time my skin felt like normal moisturized skin.  It was short lived but it was great! Lasted until the next morning.

I’ve been praying daily and asking for healing in my prayers so, hopefully what I am going through with this flare is the home stretch.  During last summer I was feeling pretty good and didn’t care much about what my skin looked like because my condition was much better and tolerable, but I must admit now, I’ve gone back to being sensitive about it, now more so than before, sorry to say.


I am not sure how much more I can stand although I am still doing pretty good mentally, just tired really because I feel so done with it all.   Early this morning I was a wreck though.  I was in a LOT of pain, my skin very irritated and I kept getting chills all over, so much so that I could not concentrate.  I sat down in front of my computer and just started watching cooking videos and browsing the web, including Facebook.  I was finally able to get up to get something to eat in the afternoon, take some pain killers, take my supplements and drink a lot of water.  Now I can move around more freely due to the pain subsiding, thank goodness.

There are only 3 cooking channels I like on Youtube.  One is for Soul Food Cooking with Rosie called Iheart Recipes, One for Everyday Cooking with Beth and one, I just think the guy presenter, Lee Gaines is just a sweetheart and he does some Vegan and motivational stuff.

I also like a few family channels as well like April and Justin (sweetest couple ever) and  the Nive Nulls, just to name a few.  For more food entertainment I also enjoy my Nephew Daymon’s Channel.  Yes, my Nephew is the Five Guys Burger and Fries YouTube star! Here are some links to their channels:

I Heart Recipes

Entertaining with Beth

Lee Gaines

April and Justin

The Nive Nulls

Daym Drops

So, when I am in a whole lot of pain and just plain uncomfortable, I either read, sleep or watch Youtube Videos. When I am feeling better, more alert and have more mobility, I do a whole lot more.  What I really need at this point though is a nurse, a cook and a maid!





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