TS Withdrawal Months 16 +

Breaking and Then Pain!

Well well well……I had another short break from flaring.  This one was interesting because even the shedding eased up A LOT for me.  It only lasted 2.5 days but it was great!  I felt normal and my skin felt smoother.  In fact my skin has been “feeling” better.  I am still discolored but at least I can see some improvement.

Major pain hit a few days ago though.  I had for the first time, FULL body aches and pain as if I had been exercising vigorously or running a marathon or something.  It hit me hard.  So much so that I had trouble moving and walking without pain. Then yesterday though I took another turn.  My skin started once again burning (neck, chin area, shoulders, upper chest, lower back, arms, hands…) and I woke up itching like mad and shedding again.  The burning hurt so bad I had to take an OTC drug (2 Advil).  I know that this is another cycle closer to healing, but still.  Oh well! I will just have to deal with it.

My body is a healing work in progress although I wish I was just done with this mess!!  I am flaring again!


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