TS Withdrawal Months 16 +

What’s Happening Now Nearing 22 Months

Okay folks, here is a little update for you all!

As of this writing I am feeling good…still. No major flares, just itchy, flaky, shedding a bit and my skin is still burning a bit here and there. Oh and also today the chills are back a bit too. Ugh! My skin color is taking forever to come back completely, my hands are still a mess and I am still out of work. I have though been able to live off of my savings and other income which is cool. I am grateful that I am in a situation where I still have a roof over my head, food on the table and clothes to wear on my back. This condition not only takes it’s toll on our bodies but also our livelihood and it has not been easy. Looking at myself today, I am going to give myself another year of healing to look more like myself again.

In 2 days from today’s date I will have been suffering from this condition for exactly 22 months and it has been one crazy ride for sure. I have lost my cool a few times and have broken down quite a few times as well, but all in all I am keeping my composure, making fun of it at times and dealing with it the only way I know how….with God’s help and my own “built in” strength for survival.

As you have probably seen from the last video I did, I coped with the hair loss by getting a wig. In fact I got a few human hair wigs. A newer one of which I LOVE and is adorable on me. You’ll see it in another upcoming video. See, not only has my hair been coming out (and growing fast which is weird) but my scalp is flaky too which is NOT cool. I use jojoba oil on my scalp now but think I will switch over to coconut oil. We’ll see.

I have started to “look” cute again though due to now being able to wear more than just cotton clothing and my condition getting better. I even purchased a few extra pairs of earrings. Now, if only I could wear makeup again. I can sort of wear lip gloss again but for some reason have to wipe it off after a few hours due to slight irritation. I just don’t want to take any chances really. One thing for sure though is that I want to gain back some of the weight I lost during this. I dropped so many pounds I could have done a weight loss commercial. I started off at 175lbs (I’m 5’7″) and ended up at 142lbs. I lost weight in places I wish I hadn’t but oh well, it came with the territory.

I am glad though to have gotten this far along. Some people cannot handle going through this so they either go back on the poison or have their dermatologist treat them with some new drug that is going through a trial right now, so they need guinea pigs. Sorry to have to say that but yes, guinea pigs. I mean haven’t we put enough stuff into our bodies to mimic the function of certain organs through the years? I am not knocking anybody who chooses to do these things but I feel that this condition can be endured and since so many people have in fact healed from it, that’s proof right there. Me? Now especially, I am all about maintaining my health, eating right and taking the proper supplements. Once I am able to exercise again (which will be soon), I’ll be golden.

Everything else is pretty much the same.  My baby girl is growing up as she is 11 years strong now, I am still getting tons of support and prayers from family, friends and others from around the world and even though I have had to go through some major trials and tribulations in my personal life, I’m feeling good.

Till next time!

Tanya In 2012


2 thoughts on “What’s Happening Now Nearing 22 Months

  1. Congrats on getting through the 22 months. It is hell! I am in my eighteenth month and slowly, very slowly improving. I used cortisone for my so called eczema for 30 years so its going to take awhile.
    In that time I lost all my hair about four different times. It always came back but took about two years each time and every time it came back thinner.
    So…here is what was interesting…I did the dead sea salt soak starting with 4 cups dissolved in a tub full of lukewarm water for 20 minutes, then quick lukewarm shower. I started with every four days for six months and now am doing 1 1/2 cup for my soak once a week. Within two weeks of starting the dead sea salt soaks my hair began to thicken and fill in. Bald patches filled in too. So here it is in the tenth month and my hair is growing faster and getting thicker, shinier all the time. People are beginning to notice how healthy it looks. The rest of me is still as dry as a desert but I’m happy with anything I can get at this point. I’m not sure if I should have dropped back to 1 1/2 cups of salt or not but it seems to be working. Just a note to anyone wanting to do the salt soak…I couldn’t start the soaks till I was in to the withdrawal nine months because my skin was too raw. I started with my hands and feet until I felt that I could do the entire body, including my face and head. The first few months of doing the soaks the skin is so dry for about three hours but it eases the itchiness and slowly helps heal. My biggest healer was getting off the moisturizers cold turkey. What a difference that made.
    Good luck and courage.


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