TS Withdrawal Months 16 +

Ready for WORK!

Ready for WORK!

Okay everybody, I just got over a minor flare which lasted about a week and 2 days.  THIS IS GOOD NEWS because the breaks in between are getting much longer just like they are supposed to!!

The flares on and off over the last 5 months have coincided with my periods which is interesting because some others who are healing (women) have also stated that the same thing is happening to them. Hmm…I wonder why this happens.  Anyway…..

The new product I am taking called Autoimmune-X by DigestaCure has been helping, not curing, but helping and with NO side effects because it is an all natural supplement.  It has been nearly 3 months since I have been taking it and so far so good. I am also seeing more skin clearing. In small areas but it’s happening.  The only symptoms I have left right now is itching (but not all the time, thank goodness), dryness, flaking, wrinkly skin in some areas and discoloration still.  I do still get a bit of pain that comes with the flaring and some fatigue when I flare but I feel so much better than I did months ago and even when this all began.


I have been looking for work again since March of 2016.  I have been on interviews and going through the whole “looking for work” ordeal while collecting unemployment (the amount is horribly low) even during times of having to endure this mess.  As you know I have had to start a GoFundMe account just so that I could afford the supplements I am taking.  It’s been rough but I am NOT giving up!

I had 2 interviews within the past few weeks (6 altogether since last year) and even though I did not get the one I had initially wanted (yes they sent that dreaded rejection e-mail), I am waiting to hear back from the most recent one I interviewed for.  I have a good chance of landing that one seeing as how they are hiring 15 new people for a training class.  It’s a great company with excellent benefits and it is close to home! I really want to work there so pray for me! =)  I HAVE to get back on my feet financially.  I have a family which includes a Daughter who now needs braces! Whew!!

THANK GOODNESS though, I am well enough TO WORK!! HIRE ME!! YAY!! =)


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