TS Withdrawal Months 4-6

The Dermatologist Appointment


The Dermatologist Appointment

So yes, I went back to my Dermatologist nearly 2 weeks ago because I finally wanted him to SEE me. NOT to have him prescribe anymore steroid ointments, creams or pills.

Here is how it went:

1. I walked into the NEW facility. It was beautiful.

2. While in the waiting room I had the chance to relax a little.

3. Once called in, the assistant asked me how was I on the way to the room. I told her, “My heart is still beating but my skin is burning and itching.”

4. While in the beautiful room waiting for the doctor to arrive, I watched a hushed version (the sound was extra low) of the Price is Right on the monitor/TV in front of me.

5. The assistant asked me a bundle of questions about my health.

6. I had HER take a look at my face, arms and neck and explained to her that I stopped using the prescribed poison because it all stopped working.

7. I gave her a sheet of paper with the list of symptoms on it as well as Dr. Rappaport’s report on Topical Steroid Addiction and the subsequent Withdrawal.

8. I showed her some pictures I took of myself. She felt sorry for me I’m sure.

9. She had me get undressed and throw on one of those paper robe/drape things. Shoot! I don’t know.  They say it’s a “gown”  but I beg to differ.

10. After she left, I continued to wait patiently for the doctor while I once again turned my attention towards the NEW Price is Right on the monitor/TV. The people were like WAY too excited and all extra rowdy. Ain’t like it was years ago.  Drew (the show host) lost a LOT of weight though.

11. The doctor comes in after about 8-9 minutes after all that, checks me over, says I have a severe case of Eczema (thank you captain obvious) and I told him, “No, this is STEROID INDUCED Eczema and I am now suffering from Topical Steroid Withdrawal” because I stopped using the steroids back in July of this year. Oh and I will never use them again.”

12. His assistant came back into the room and she had my list of symptoms which he took as well as the report.  He told me about some solutions for the itching and pain and whatnot.

13. We discussed UV Therapy which I am strongly thinking about doing and then some medication that starts with a C (I forgot the name of it) that could cause cancer. Seriously? Like I want to continue poisoning my body? NO THANK YOU.

14. He also mentioned sending me to Yale University which is a hop, skip and a jump away from me for treatment and I refused. I kind of laughed because I know they would want to use me as a Guinea pig.

15. He then left the room and brought back a medical book showing me what they do step by step for treatment, like I needed a 3rd party explanation.  I just TOLD him what I was suffering from and that I was NOT going to use steroids (topical or orals meds) ever again.

16. He had his assistant take pictures of every area on my body affected.  I guess he wants to document everything and believe me, I want him to also.

17. I made sure I let him know that I might have to go on medical leave to which he stated that due to the severity of my condition, he would fill out and sign all of the paperwork if needed.

18.  I came out of that visit okay, I mean, he was very nice and very concerned.  He wrote me up some prescriptions for meds to help with the itching, sleep and pain. He also said that I could fax him over anything else I wanted to about this condition.

19.  I keep forgetting to stop by the Pharmacy.  Perhaps I should add “brain fog” to my list of symptoms. 😛

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