TS Withdrawal Months 7-9

A Face Destroyed By Topical Steroids

A Face Destroyed By Topical Steroids

Yes indeed, that is my story. My face was destroyed by this mess. I had no clue that this was going to happen.  The first thing people see when they look at you is your face, period, space, space. When you look a hot mess they will wonder and even ask,  “What on earth happened to you?”

When I started this Blog I did not know how much information or how many pictures I even wanted to share with the world but people NEED to know about this.  People need to be warned about what could to them if their skin ends up addicted to prescribed Topical Steroids (including injections and pills) used to treat Eczema patients. I have been told that my true Eczema probably burnt out years ago and when I started having problems again that I should have chosen an alternate method (a natural one) to combat it and it would have burnt out again in time.  The easiest route for any sufferer who doesn’t know any better is to just go to the doctor, get a prescription and poof, it’s all better!  For a little while anyway…

I Wish I Went The Natural Route!

What I look Like as of 02/01/2014
What I look Like as of 02/01/2014

My face and neck will take the longest to heal because those areas is where I applied most of the prescribed poisons.  I didn’t want to show anybody this picture but I decided to anyway, so here it is. This is from this morning.  Yesterday evening I ended up with a big flare, especially on my neck.  If you read my previous post you will know exactly what happened to me.

Even though I have a sense of humor and am a pretty happy go-lucky kind of girl, it’s so hard sometimes to contain the inner sorrow and anger I feel because of what I am going through.  This is indeed the hardest thing I have ever had to go through in my life besides losing pregnancies.

After I took this picture I got up and took a nice long shower to wash and exfoliate my skin.  My skinned burned a bit from the water but all in all, I am okay…for now.

The one thing that makes me smile a lot is my Daughter.  She is always so positive and tells me that I am just as beautiful as I was on my wedding day.  She points to the picture hanging on my wall and tells me that she sees the same woman she loves as her Mommy.  She doesn’t care about what I look like right now. THAT right there puts everything into perspective for me.

Think I am going to feature this song complete with line dance at the party  I am going to have once I am all healed up.  Ya’ll better learn it because some of you reading this blog right now will be invited to the party!


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